Testimonials about Dr. Amy M. O'Donnell

Here is what our patients are saying about our sports and physical therapy services…

I recently had an outbreak of shingles, my second in 3 years. I had the rash on numerous parts of my body and had pain, itching and was generally uncomfortable. Dr. O’Donnell treats me for aches and pains in my neck, hips and lower back with MLS laser, so I asked her if she would treat my shingles lesions. Sure enough, after only three treatments, the lesions were gone! I was amazed at how quickly they went away as well as the discomfort, itching and pain. Last time I had an outbreak, it took 2-3 weeks before I felt better with creams and medication from my doctor.

Thank you, Dr. O’Donnell for your time and good care, and thanks to the MLS laser I am feeling better!


At my initial meeting with Dr. Amy O’Donnell she spent the majority of time asking questions, examining/testing, and listening to the symptoms I had experienced. She then put together a treatment and exercise plan that was tailored to my specific issues and needs. Her interest, thoroughness, and concern in alleviating my pain was a refreshing change from what I have previously experienced in my quest for pain relief with other doctors. Each visit was thoughtfully started with making sure the plan was working and measuring the level of success. Happily, I’ve had excellent results. I would urge anyone who is looking for a compassionate, caring, and professional doctor with multiple areas of expertise to visit Dr. O’Donnell. If you have had no success previously, she will be relentless in managing a plan to get you back to your normal daily activities. Thanks Dr. O’Donnell, it’s my pleasure to write this testimonial about my experience!

-Meg Sadi

At our initial meeting Dr. O'Donnell spent the time to understand my history and target my needs for treatment. After just a few sessions I was already seeing huge improvements. Each follow up session was not simply a repeat of the last but was adjusted based on the progress she saw. I find it extremely helpful that Dr. O'Donnell is not only focused on the treatment but the follow up. She has given me a plan after each session and a program to build strength and prevent injury going forward. Dr O'Donnell came very highly recommended to me and I am so glad she was! I would not hesitate to provide the same high recommendation to Dr. O'Donnell.

-Anthony Schepis

I have known Dr. O'Donnell for four years. I cannot say enough about how much she has helped me when I needed her most. From time to time I suffer from lower back pain. The first time I worked with her I felt completely taken care of. She always took the time to talk to me about what was going on structurally and all the options I had. If there were ever times that any kind of pain returned, it only took a few sessions and she got me back to what I love to do - run. Dr. O'Donnell most recently helped me through a particularly difficult time. I had just given birth and ended up having severe muscle spasms in my neck and shoulder. Within a few weeks I was completely back to normal. I appreciate all the work that Dr. O'Donnell has done for me. She not only treated my physical symptoms, but she gave me hope and assured me that I would be able to return to my regular routine of life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-Sincerely, Laura Bernann

It has been my pleasure to be a patient of Dr. Amy M. O'Donnell for 15 years. Her knowledge, competence, professionalism and compassion make her an exemplary practitioner. Over the years she has treated me for neck, back, knee and hip issues, as well as after an accident that I had. Her treatment has helped me to avoid spinal surgery that was recommended 15 years ago. I feel very lucky to be one of her patients. Dr. O'Donnell is always studying and learning so that she is up on all of the most recent advances in the field. She is a wonderful diagnostician and always gives you her full attention and never makes you feel rushed. I came to Dr O'Donnell on a patient recommendation and have recommended her to several friends. I feel very lucky and grateful to have Dr O'Donnell as my doctor.

-Sincerely, Rona Auster

A friend recommended Dr. O'Donnell to me after his treatment for a sports injury. He particularly credited the laser therapy for speeding his recovery. I came to Dr. O'Donnell with a tall order: relieve the pain in my quadriceps and lower back in less than two week's time so that I could play in a soccer tournament. Dr. O'Donnell worked aggressively with both the Graston manual treatment and MLS laser therapy. After several treatments and performing recommended exercises at home, I went to the tournament and played four games in four days. I could not have done this without the great treatment and encouragement that I received from Dr. O'Donnell.

-Sincerely, Rick S.

I saw Dr. Amy O'Donnell because I was having pain and limited extension in my left hamstring and pain in my left hip area. Turned out I had significant scar tissue build up in 2 places in the hamstring. I began the laser light therapy and graston technique treatments in late January of this year. I am happy to report that after 6 treatments I have no more pain in the hamstring or hip. 

I started a series of exercises that Dr. Amy assigned for me to do on a daily basis, and I am doing them regularly, until I regain full range of motion in the leg. The most significant improvement is that I am pain free! I no longer have aching muscles in the middle of the night or after standing for long periods.

Thank you Dr. Amy for your expertise in the area of tissue/muscle healing!

-Diane M.