Scar Pain

Scars or post surgical scars can cause pain from underlying fibrotic tissue forming below the skin as they are laid down in a haphazard way.  The result is plastic deformation of once elastic tissue.  This tissue is rich with poorly organized capillaries and hardened fascia which has pain receptors.  The fascia is likened to the Saran Wrap of the body and surrounds all muscle, tendon, ligaments and organs throughout the body.  It is referred to as our flexible.  Fascial planes run throughout in different directions, not always in alignment with other tissues.  This is why you can have pain from an old appendix scar on your abdomen radiate into your leg.  There is no one nerve that travels along that path, but rather a fascial plane. 

Scar pain can create chronic pain and loss of function depending on its’ location.

MLS Laser Therapy is effective in breaking down scar tissue and along with Graston Technique, effective in releasing the scar and thereby relieving pain and improving function.

Dr. O’Donnell has training in post-mastectomy scarring and cording of the underarm, as result of surgery, using Graston Technique and exercises aimed at improving flexibility of the arm and shoulder.

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