Rehabilitative Exercise & Physical Therapy in Greenwich & Stamford, CT

Dr. Amy M. O'Donnell focuses her treatments on long-term health & strength-building where corrective exercises help you move better, feel better and move more.

In conjunction with other therapies, Dr. O’Donnell utilizes various forms of exercise to aid in the resolution of conditions and prevent further injury. She instructs her patients on a combination of the "5 key components of exercise"  including stretching, strengthening, balance work, cardiovascular and “core” training. She develops a comprehensive individualized exercise plan to fit each patient’s goals and needs.

She has had extensive training in functional exercise and knows the importance of incorporating all aspects of exercise in one’s daily life. There are so many changes in the world of exercise and her up-to-date training has her prepared to change the way her patients view exercise. For example, what was once popular, sit-ups are no longer recommended. However, research shows that there are much more effective ways to strengthen one’s body, sometimes using your own body weight.

Compound movements with weights are another way to strengthen your upper and lower body, instead of isolating movements in one direction. These actions mimic the activities and functions we carry out on a daily basis.

Postural Correction is paramount in cases where the patient has a “forward slump” posture. Studies actually show that it is the thoracic spine (mid back) that affects how the rest of the spine functions. For example, a patient with neck pain  or lower back pain will often respond well to treatment of the thoracic spine (spinal manipulation, Graston technique, Kinesio Taping, and corrective exercise).