Joint Manipulation & Physical Therapy in Stamford, CT

Dr. Amy M. O'Donnell offers Joint Manipulation, a technique that can soothe pain that permeates throughout the body.

Joint manipulation is a type of gentle movement of either the spine or an extremity. The result is that the joint regains range of motion and the function of the joint improves thereby allowing it to move more freely and without pain. In addition muscle spasm and tightness is relieved. Sometimes a normal “pop” or "clicking” is heard and is not necessarily indicative of the success of the joint release. It is not a matter of moving the joint from one position to another, but rather a “loosening” of the joint. The actual sound is most likely carbon dioxide gas which is produced when the articular surfaces separate during the “adjustment”.

Manipulation is used for many different conditions from neck pain and lower back pain to headaches, extremity conditions such as frozen shoulder, ankle sprains, elbow and wrist pain, hip bursitis, or foot pain.