Dr. Amy M. O'Donnell, located in Stamford, CT, offers treatment for foot pain.

Suffering from chronic foot pain due to bunions, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma or metatarsalgia? MLS laser therapy can help relieve your pain.

Pain in the foot can manifest itself in many ways, but the conditions are similar in that they may share the same cause, pronated or “flat feet.” Pronated feet create uneven stresses along the inner aspect of the foot, thereby causing pressure points that may cause pain. This “foot dysfunction” can lead to bunions, heel pain (plantar fasciitis), Morton’s neuroma (pain between the toes) or Metatarsalgia (pain on the bottom of the feet).

First and foremost, a thorough foot and gait analysis will determine what the cause is and whether you are a candidate for orthotics (custom made shoe inserts). Further analysis including leg length difference, mobility of the foot/ankle, hips, hamstrings and calves uncover underlying issues which may be complicating the problem.

Regardless of which condition is causing the foot pain, they are treated similarly using the following interventions:

  • MLS laser therapy: Reduces and often eliminating pain and inflammation
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation, ultrasound and heat/ice: Relaxes muscle tension and reduces inflammation
  • Graston Technique®: Designed to break down scar tissue and adhesions in the calf and foot which may contribute to foot pain
  • Joint Manipulation: Manipulation of the foot and ankle can help to improve mobility which may be part of the underlying issue
  • Kinesio tape to support the arch and foot/ankle
  • Rehabilitative exercise to stretch calves (as shown in the video on this page), strengthen the Achilles tendon, and strengthen the arch
  • Orthotic therapy to support the arch and correct pronation

Foot Pain