Facial Pain (Atypical Facial Pain)

Facial PainAtypical facial pain (AFP) includes a wide variety of facial pain problems. AFP may also be described as poorly localized, typically involving the nose, eye, cheek, temple and jaw. Some practitioners have assigned this diagnostic label to any condition of facial pain in which pain simultaneously crosses the mid-line of the face, or otherwise fails to fit recognized patterns of other identified facial pain syndromes.

The predominant age affected by this condition is 30-60 years and the predominant sex is female.

How Can MLS Therapy Help?

MLS laser therapy can be very effective in reducing all types of face pain. A typical treatment would last anywhere from 5-10 minutes for each area of the face that is affected. The number of treatments required depends on the Dr. O’Donnell’s diagnosis of the source of your pain. Periodic maintenance treatments can keep face pain at bay for years.