Diabetic/Peripheral Neuropathy

What is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Diabetic Neuropathy, a common complication of diabetes, is damage to the nerves in various parts of the body. When it occurs in the arms or legs, it is referred to as peripheral neuropathy. Related to blood sugar levels being too high, the symptoms can range from tingling, numbness burning and pain into the arms/hands or legs/feet.

In most cases, once the blood sugar level is controlled, the symptoms improve, but not always.

In other cases, diabetes is not the cause and Peripheral Neuropathy can lead to debilitating pain, numbness and tingling into the arms and legs. It may be caused by nerve entrapment, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, or the nerves from the lower back going into the lower extremity.

How is Neuropathy treated?

Regardless of the cause, the symptoms of neuropathy may be relieved with a revolutionary treatment, MLS laser therapy.

This laser, unlike any other in the world, is the combination of two wavelengths, pulsed and continuous, synchronized to affect both pain and inflammation. As a result, it is possible to feel immediate relief from a single treatment; however, several treatments are often needed.

Diabetic Neuropathy