Dr. O'Donnell approaches repetitive use / overuse & sports-related injuries with effective treatments and techniques.

She employs the latest rehabilitative therapies & chiropractic techniques to treat many types of conditions.

Dr. O’Donnell’s unique approach sets her apart from other practitioners in that she employs many research based treatments and techniques utilized by Olympic, professional, and collegiate sports teams. Repetitive or overuse and sports injuries may arise from a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, trauma, or asymmetries in the musculoskeletal system.  She addresses the “soft tissue” component(muscle, tendon, ligament or fascia) of the pain which, in many cases is the pain generator.  Once she treats the pain, she further analyzes to determine the cause of the pain.  Oftentimes, it is not at the site of the pain, but rather along what is referred to as the “kinetic chain.”  On the initial visit she evaluates the patient, focusing on the chief complaint, as well as looking for the primary cause which may be a loss of mobility, instability or asymmetry elsewhere in the body.  This visit usually takes about one hour.  Subsequent visits may range from 30-60 minutes, depending on the complexity of the problem. 

Some of the conditions she treats are listed below: