Dr. Amy M. O'Donnell, located in Stamford, CT, offers treatment for bursitis

BursitisChronic pain in hips, shoulders and other joints? You may need to be treated for bursitis.

Bursae are small fluid-filled sacs that sit between tendons and bones to prevent wear and tear as they facilitate movement. Invariably, over time or with overuse, the bursa may become irritated or inflamed. Hence, bursitis occurs and can be quite painful, particularly in the shoulder or hip.

MLS laser therapy can eliminate pain from bursitis almost immediately. Ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, ice or heat can also help provide temporary relief.

Graston Technique® research indicates that it may be one of the most effective tools in treating bursitis. Kinesio tape relieves stress on the joint so that the bursa is not irritated, while joint manipulation is often used if the joint mobility is compromised.

Rehabilitative exercises are essential for strengthening the area to resolve bursitis and prevent future episodes.

Functional Movement Screen may be necessary to determine if the underlying cause of bursitis is elsewhere, thereby reducing recurrence.