Find Relief from Pain, Repetitive Use and Sports Injuries in                                               Greenwich/Stamford,CT


Dr. Amy O’Donnell offers the most effective chiropractic care and therapeutic rehabilitation for the weekend warrior to elite athletes with pain.  


Dr. Amy O’Donnell specializes in treating musculoskeletal conditions, treating each patient as an individual.  She spends time with her patients, listening to them and then customizing the most effective treatment plan to meet their needs.   Using cutting edge technology and techniques, her goal is to relieve their pain and give them the tools to be able to prevent their condition from reoccurring.  She is always available for post treatment support to guide each patient.

3 top reasons people come to see Dr. O'Donnell are:  recent pain in the spine or extremities, chronic pain that won't go away with other therapies or looking for a thorough approach to pain relief that includes self care treatment.  Dr. O'Donnell prides herself in helping patients heal as quickly as possible with fewer treatments.

She treats the patient as a whole person with the care and compassion gained from 30 years' experience. Her “goal-oriented” approach strives to get to the cause of the problem. She evaluates the patient from the feet up, with a thorough assessment of how they move. Each patient receives individualized care and attention. There are many reasons patients seek her care. Among them are people with chronic pain who have not had success with other treatments, as well as those looking for rapid recovery from pain and inflammation. The combination of state of the art interventions works to allow you to return to your activities quickly.

Recognizing that healthcare is now more patient-centered and geared towards more self-care, she encourages the patient to participate in their own recovery process. She utilizes cutting edge, non-invasive therapeutic treatments and rehabilitative therapies as well as chiropractic care.

Dr. O'Donnell's treatments accelerate the healing process by using the body's innate ability to do so without harmful drugs. Her keen interest in repetitive use and sports injuries arose from personal experiences and has led her to continue her education. She keeps abreast of the most up to date research in evidence based treatments for repetitive use and sports injuries. Most recently, she received training in a new and unique laser, MLS Laser  Therapy for treating pain and inflammation.

Dr. O'Donnell provides care to Stamford and Greenwich, CT and surrounding areas.

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